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restoration work

For those of us with a passion for architecture and a reverence for good design, conscientious restoration is assumed as a joyful responsibility. It is a noble undertaking to preserve the integrity of the buildings loved by us, and so many before us, for future generations.

If you find that a certain detail from your building is missing or damaged, we can re-create that element by making a mold of one of the remaining like-pieces. This restoration process involves taking off the many layers of old paint, resculpting broken or missing elements, making a new rubber mold, then casting as many pieces as you need to complete your project. We are well-accustomed to working within the scaffolding and scheduling constraints of our contractor friends, and encourage you to get a good jump on planning for the ornamental repairs. The more lead-time the better on these projects, for the more time we have to restore a piece, the more detailed and beautiful we can make it.

This work is usually, and most efficiently, done in the studio; however, at times ornaments simply cannot be removed. In these situations a mold must be made on-site, and we are highly skilled in doing so.

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