A ceiling medallion is the central focus of a ceiling, usually in the form of an ornate rosette, from which, if there is one, a chandelier hangs. Most are round, some square or oval.

100 Series

These are our smallest medallions, ranging from approximately 7 to 20 inches. These are most frequently used in powder rooms, hallways, kitchens, or small bedrooms.

CM101 Mini Delmar

200 Series

These are all one piece medallions, approximately 20 26 inches in diameter, although there are a few larger one-piecers in this group. Browse here to outfit bedrooms and more modest parlor/living rooms.

CM216 Santa Clara

300 Series

The ovals. Go crazy.

CM301 Hattie

400 Series

The Majestics. These beauties are splendid, and because of their size, are fabricated as a multi-piece set - usually a central medallion surrounded by a three or four-part wreath. It takes a little more effort to install them, but the resulting grandeur is worth it!

CM408 Linden Street w/4-part wreath